OPINION: Elsa knew that Hans was going to kill her

After Hans reveals to Elsa that Anna died because of her, Elsa falls to the ground in grief. It is in her fallen state that Hans finds the perfect time to murder Elsa. Some fans debate whether or not she knew he was going to kill her, but I am of firm believe of it: yes, she knew he was going to kill her.

How I do come to that conclusion, you may ask? Well, remember that when Anna was about to run to Kristoff, she heard Hans unsheathe his sword, even though she was a small distance away from them?

If Anna heard the sound, how could Elsa not have, especially since Hans was right behind her?

So that there makes me believe that Elsa heard Hans unsheathe his sword and that he was going to kill her. If she did, why didn’t she get up and fight him?

Because Elsa is so distraught over she was told that she does not care about what happens to her now. Since she loves Anna so much, I’m sure that she would no longer want to live if anything bad happened to Anna.

Also, Elsa felt that she deserved it. All of her family is dead, so now she has nothing that makes her life worth living. Most especially, she had worked so hard to keep Anna safe, by staying away from her and putting Anna’s happiness before her own.

And now she believes she has failed after all this time.